Covid-19 Policies and Practices for Guests:

Updated March 25th, 2021

1.   All guests are required to wear appropriate face coverings upon entry to the facility. Currently face coverings are required by anyone over the age of 2 years. MASKS ARE REQUIRED while bowling, playing laser tag, riding bumper cars, and playing any arcade game. You can remove your mask or face covering for the purpose of dining when seated at any of our bowling, café, or lounge tables. Please be aware some tables may not be available at all times due to social distancing.

2.   Employees will be wearing appropriate face coverings at all times.

3.   Please do not enter the facility if:

·      You are experiencing any Covid-19 related symptoms.

·      You currently have Covid-19.

·      You have been around anyone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days.

·      Fun Zone guests will be subject to a health screening and temperature check.

4.   Sanitizing Stations are available throughout the facility. Handwashing with soap and water is always recommended.

5.   Please follow all posted signage and social-distancing markers.

6.   Bowling Policies & Practices:

·      Bowling is currently limited to a maximum of 5 bowlers per lane.

·      When finished please leave any used house balls at your lane, a staff member will be around shortly to sanitize and clean up after you’ve left.


7.   Laser Tag Polices & Practices:

·      While in the briefing room please remain with your group and maintain a 6’ distance from other groups while receiving instruction.

·      During your Laser Tag game please observe 6’ distance between players to enforce social distancing.

·      We will be cleaning and sanitizing each laser tag vest and phaser frequently throughout the day.

8.   Bumper Car Polices & Practices:

·      We will be cleaning and sanitizing each Bumper Car frequently throughout the day by wiping down the seats and hand controls.

9.   Arcade Polices & Practices:

·      Certain games may not be available at this time due to social distancing which will be marked with proper signage and turned off.

·      Some two player games may be only played with people from your group or party, these games will be marked with proper signage.

·      New disinfecting procedures have been implemented including a frequently scheduled application of Vital Oxide in a misting form to all surface areas including but not limited to buttons, coin slots and high touch points. This procedure will be done every Thursday before the Fun Zone opens.

·      Attendants are available to provide continuous disinfecting of games and high touch points as well as assist with any questions.

10.       Food/Beverage Polices & Practices:

·      We are currently offering a limited menu – Orders may be placed at our Snack Bar counter and will be delivered to your lanes. Lounge service – beer, wine, and mixed drinks must accompany any food order adhering with all NYS restrictions.