Advertising Opportunities

Sweep Sign

Includes a single sweep sign, visible to anyone visiting the center. This is a great way to get your company's name and phone number seen.

5.5" x 50" Sweep Sign

Pricing: $175 per year

Score Sheet

Includes 1 of 4 advertisement panels per score sheet. Used by all league and tournament bowlers daily. Great to showcase coupons or specials.

1" x 4" Panel on Score Sheet

Pricing: $220 per year

Overhead Sign

Includes a single overhead hanging sign that is easily visible to everyone at the center. Display your logo, company name, and more on this substantial advertisement space.

20" x 40" Overhead Hanging Sign

Pricing: $350 per year


Includes an onscreen advertisement on the scoring monitors. This is a great way to get your businesses name out to the public, as well as explain your services.

36" Image Commercial

Pricing: $350 per year

Advertiser Appreciation Party

New this year to all new and returning advertisers:

We would like to thank you for advertising with us by hosting a free company party at our center for you and your employees. The advertising appreciation party includes two hours of bowling and shoe rental. This is a special package just for advertisers — separate packages including food and drinks are also available for other company events. Food and drinks can be made available for your advertising party at extra cost. Times and dates subject to availability.

For inquiries on advertisement, contact:

Tim Smith
General Manager
ph: 585.394.5050